by P I N K O

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Ethan - Drums
Jared - Bass
Alex - Guitar / Vocals

Members of Sohns, TGLH, & Ghost Police.


released June 20, 2015

Recorded summer 2015 at Hollywood Studio in San Antonio, Tx
Engineered by Anthony Diaz de Leon
All songs written by PINKO
Special thanks to Selfies, Blithe, Life Decay, The Beers, The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, Ghost Police & No Gods.


all rights reserved



P I N K O San Antonio, Texas

Formed in 2015.

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Track Name: Oedipus Sex
They call me Oedipus sex, I've got a fault line the size of the New York skyline. Hell I’d rather be caught dead, bitten down to a saline silhouette, lapped up by lame packs of dogs. You’d find me rusted out, draped on the chair in the corner, waiting for the next one to stray. I’m a snake in the leaves, I can’t say I believe I’m a man of peace. That’s why they call me Oedipus flesh. You say you don’t believe it’s true; I do.
Track Name: Rat Trombone
Rat Trombone
Theres no one left to hold on to, just me and my rat trombone. Scrapped nickel sheets, aluminum ties and discarded typewriter keys keep me company. I’m blowing on sorrow, whistling the tune of my youth. Just me and my rat trombone.
Track Name: Skullboy Meet Fuckboy
Maybe just once I’d find my age, and give my skull a break. Bent bones burrow further down the bellow, making my body useless. My fingers are too numb to find shit. In my chest lives a callous heart, I’d liken it to feeling ungrateful for everything.
“You’re just a fuckboy, you ain’t about shit”
Track Name: 5, 8, 10, 13 . . .
I’m sulking and seeded, but I ain’t no ghost. I’m turning and burning, due to a failure of sedated proportions. I’m feeling out numbered. I’d just like to creep down, pass out and blow the town. I’m feeling outnumbered, I don’t wanna ride to the city of skin.
Track Name: Sensory Dysplasia
. . . and I’m feeling numb, soaking waxed eyeballs stiff in these dirty sockets. You have no time to talk, so I’m left guessing, holding, breathing. I bet my prison winnings on damn next to nothin. What’s your pride worth? Wow. I’ve found a hole deeper than mine, but it’s hopeless. You’re so risqué.
Track Name: Commodity As Reality
I’ve got the movement of a corpse six days old, who knew that friends who feast on flesh would be so quick to commiserate. Would you bet I’d stay alive? “gimme gimme” I hope you dive into their hungry mouths and feed their racing hearts that spin like tops on the edges of steep cliffs. You are their commodity.
Track Name: Seduction Clinic
Hello your calling 1-800-SED-UCER, first impressions make the best indentions. They’re so good they’ll get caught up in your dentures. Just call 1-800-SED-UCER. Why don’t you just bite down? Lets trade teeth and count the cavities that speak to our addictions. We’ll trade tales so severe that they’ll settle in your ear and make you spit. Bite! Give us your trust and we’ll make a bust of your filthy face and paste you a proper mouth. They’ll sing songs about you. You’ll be miss queen seduction.

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